Get Life Back In Motion

K.I.M. (Knee In Motion)

The A.I.M. (Ankle In Motion) was designed to deliver highly accurate and consistent measurement of a patient's ankle range of motion. No other device on the market provides the degree of accuracy as the A.I.M.

Regain full range of motion after surgery

in less time and with less pain.

The newest tool at the Physical Therapist's reach is the Arthro-Motion's Isometric Testing adaptor. It allows the measurement of force accurately and consistently. Best of all, a patient can have multiple joints tested depending on where the attachment is connected to the K.I.M.

A.I.M. (Ankle In Motion)

Isometric Testing

The K.I.M. (Knee in Motion) machine is not only capably of delivering a greater degree of measurement accuracy, but it allows the patient to see their progress as it happens and have more control over their pain tolerance.